Employee Recognition

DeSoto County Employee Recognition


DeSoto Board of County Commissioners take pride in awarding employees who have made a significant contribution toward the goals of the County, their department, and have exemplified exceptional job performance and/or support for peers and co-workers.


The three awards presented for this semi-quarter:

  • Thrifty Nickel
  • Outstanding Employee
  • Outstanding Team Performance Award.


Thrifty Nickel


The recipient for the Thrifty Nickel is Golden Faircloth.  Since he came on board with the County in the Facilities Maintenance department, he has researched and found needed supplies and parts for the lowest price.  While working with a new supplier, he was able to get  an average savings of around 40% on all in-stock warehouse items.  This is approximately $10,000 in savings.  He is a great asset to Desoto County and is worthy of this award. 

Golden Faircloth receives the Thrifty Nickel award


Outstanding Employee


The Outstanding Employee Award recipient is Jorge Hernandez.  He serves in many different capacities within the county.  Mr. Hernandez is chief administrative officer for two divisions within the Development Department: Animal Control division and Code Enforcement division.  He serves as the back up to the Information Technology dept. and provides nearly all the county’s geographic information system maps.  During Hurricane Irma, he was exemplary in the performance of his duties.  Under his leadership, the Animal Control division has seen the number of animal euthanasia's decrease substantially.  This decrease has occurred because Jorge has used outreach efforts to attract more more adoption agencies.

The Code Enforcement Division consistently has more than 300 cases and these cases are processed expedititiously despite a reduction in the number of code enforcement officers. Moreover, Mr. Hernandez is provided employees with training so that one of the code enfociers will be able to handle the day-to-day activities of the Animal Control Division in the event of the retirement of the existing employee.  The recipient much deserving of The Outstanding Employee Award is Jorge Hernandez.. 

Jorge Hernandez receives the Outstanding Employee award



Outstanding Team Performance


The Outstanding Team Performance award goes to the Animal Services department.  This department have saved more pets through an aggressive pursuit of added rescue partners which has resulted in lower cost to the department.  The moral has improved by leaps and bounds which provides for a better and more enthusiastic work environment. Savings to the County do not compare to the lives saved of the pets. Costs for euthanasia alone have saved the County $8,351.18 since 2013 not to mention cost saving in pet food and disposal costs. As a team, this department has always attended their duties with an eye towards the improvement of the Department and the care and concern not only to the public they serve but also towards the pets.
 Animal Services department receives the Outstanding Team Performance award