DeSoto County Recycling Program

Recycling Program Changes


Helpful Recycling Tips:


  • Rinse all food or liquid particles from all items!

  • Flatten, smash, crush: consolidate what you can!

  • Just because it is plastic, glass or metal does not mean you can recycle it!

  • If it is larger than a milk jug or laundry detergent container, we most likely cannot accept it.

  • Just because it HAS a recycle logo on it, does not mean we can accept in within our program.


Please only dispose of approved recyclable materials in the provided trailer. This trailer is not for garbage disposal! If you have any paper or cardboard, we ask that you bring those items to the covered bins available for collection.

No Plastic

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept PLASTIC within the recycling program. 



If you have any further recycling related questions please contact:

Christina Williams 

Landfill Office Manager