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Are there any amnesty days when I can bring my refuse for no charge?FAQ Sign


Unfortunately, at this time we do not have designated days for the public to dispose of items for no charge. Although we do not offer amnesty days, we do accept recyclable materials and household hazardous waste at no charge for DeSoto County Residents during normal business hours.



Can I have my trailer weighed to obtain a tag?

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Absolutely! You can have a trailer weighed for a small fee of $2.00 in county. This will give you the necessary information to obtain a tag. There is no need to call for an appointment, this service is available during normal business hours and will not require a substantial amount of time to complete.





If I don’t dispose of an entire ton, will I still be charged at the “per ton” rate?Person Confused1 Ton icon


No, you will not be charged for an entire ton! Our scales weigh in increments of 20lbs, and your refuse is charged based on the amount you unload during your visit. See examples of common in county charges below.

100 lbs $2.10
160 lbs $3.36
300 lbs $6.30
500 lbs $10.50
700 lbs $14.70





Is asbestos accepted for disposal?

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No, asbestos is not accepted for disposal at the DeSoto County Landfill.




Is there anyone available on site to help unload my garbage?

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Unfortunately, due to liability and insurance concerns the public is required to unload their own refuse.





What if I have more than the approved 5 gallons of waste oil?Oil



We carry a strict 5 gallons per household, per day rule when it comes to waste oil. If you have more than the approved 5 gallons to dispose of, you may bring it out in 5 gallon increments daily until it is completely disposed of ONLY if it was accumulated at your residence. You may call the Landfill at 863-993-4826 for more information regarding commercial disposal.





What is considered an uncovered/unsecured load, and how do I avoid the associated fee?



remember to Cover Your Load penalties may apply for uncovered loadsLoose Loads Make Dangerous Roads lock down your load before you go


An uncovered/unsecured load is a load that has not been fastened in or attached to the vehicle with a tarp, rope, straps, netting, or chains, to prevent any part of the load or the covering from becoming loose, detached, or leaving the vehicle while it is in motion.

Secure your load for safer roads! it's the law!


Driving with an uncovered/unsecured load is against Florida State Law. Click HERE for more information!

To avoid penalty by incurring a $20-$40 fee (depending on county of residence) please ensure your items will not go anywhere while on your way to the landfill for disposal.

Click HERE to see examples of what is and isn’t acceptable.





Will you accept boats for disposal?

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DeSoto County Landfill will accept boats for disposal! Please ensure there is no motor or gas in the tank before you bring it! Boats will be charged at the same rate as regular household refuse. We also would like to request that you call 863-993-4826 before you come so we can have adequate space available on the working face to dispose of it.