Public Recycle Events

DeSoto County Landfill had the privilege to set up for the Open House at Arcadia Housing Authority on February 10th, 2017 for our first ever event attendance. We chose to promote DeSoto County Recycling Program during this event and would like to share some of our photos with the public. We enjoyed working among the public and speaking with concerned residents about their recycling. Although the wind was our biggest enemy, it was definitely a fun time had by all attendants! We had a prize raffle in exchange for a simple survey conducted to get an idea of what the public is interested in recycling to help further implement a better recycling program for DeSoto County. We hope to be able to do another event soon, so be on the lookout for us!

We have also attended a meeting in Oakview park to discuss recycling with their residents.

If you would like us to come to your event, speak at a meeting, or if you would be interested in displaying any of the presentation boards pictured below in your office you may contact Christina Williams at or 863-993-4826.


Recycling Do's and Don'ts


Recycle Tent and Booth


Recycle Poster Boards


Recycle Booth Prize Drawing Box


Recycle Poster Board 2


Recycle Prize Drawing BoxPublic Recycle Events Booth