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Residential Services

Pickup days are based off of the quadrant you live in.  This is the directional (northwest [NW], northeast [NE], southwest [SW], southeast [SE]) that comes before your street name given to you by the US Postal Service.


SW section of the county will receive household garbage service on Tuesday and Friday.


NW, NE  and SE will receive household garbage service on Monday and Thursday.


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Womack Sanitation  began picking up residential household garbage on January 2, 2006 for all homes located on county-maintained roads and for those homes on private roads where it has been deemed safe to travel and where Womack Sanitation has received written permission from at least one home owner on that private road.

Residential pick-up will occur twice per week, between the hours of 6:00 am and 7:00 pm.  Quantity of pick-up per service day is limited to 2 (30 gallon max.) garbage bags or cans full.  This is a total of four bags per week.  All bags or cans should be placed curbside which is defined as no more than 4 feet from the driving surface of the road.  Please do not block mailboxes.  Garbage bags should be heavy duty plastic, securely tied.  If garbage cans are used, they should have two handles and secure watertight lids.  NO DRUMS OR BARRELS ALLOWED!  Womack Sanitation prefers that garbage cans not be used unless absolutely necessary.  Cans are easily knocked over and an eye sore for neighborhoods once the garbage is emptied where bags leave roadsides clear and clean.


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If you reside inside of city limits, the City of Arcadia services your garbage pick up. For more information regarding pick up schedules for city residents, please contact the City of Arcadia.

City of Arcadia Florida 1886
(863) 494-4334


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