Brownville Park and Boat Ramp

Brownville Park

1885 NE Brownville Street

Arcadia, FL 34266

Camping/RV reservations are required. Please call Kim Casale for more information: 863-491-5333.

There is now a $2.00 fee for daily visitors (campers are exempt). For more information on a $25 annual pass, contact the Parks & Recreation Office at 863-491-7507. The money collected will be used towards future improvements at the Park. 

Located right on the Peace River, Brownville Park offers a convenient boat ramp to launch your kayak, canoe, or boat. Many kayakers and canoeists paddle north, up the picturesque Peace River , then turn around for a lazy and tranquil float back. Day visitors are welcome to explore this beautiful 75 acre park. A simple loop nature trail, perfect for small children, can be found on the south side of the park. On the north side are more extensive trails ideal for exploration. Many visitors fish from the river banks, and countless guests arrive with their families ready to picnic. Brownville Park offers recreational opportunities in a gorgeous natural setting with a family ambience.

You are welcome to bring your camp gear and spend the night on one of our campsites. Nestled beneath the antique oak are campsites, both electric and non-electric.

A dump station is available for RV guests. The nearby restrooms include shower facilities.

Park Closes at Sundown. 



Brownville Park Sign


Brownville Park


Boat Ramp

Brownville Park Map

 Reservations are required. Please call Kim Casale for more information: 863-491-5333