Economic Development Department

Welcome to DeSoto County

Where THE GOOD LIFE is your gateway to global success.

According to a study conducted by Chief Executive, Florida was named the second best state for business for its positive job growth, tax reductions, and elimination of more than 4,000 regulations.

If you are looking for a business friendly environment without the stress of the urban congestion, DeSoto County, Florida is the place for you. In DeSoto County, leaders in the public and private sectors are determined to see the county continue to prosper. By fostering economic growth and developing programs that help businesses and entire business sectors achieve success we strengthen our county. Our work at the Economic Development Office helps create jobs and positions DeSoto County for future growth while improving the quality of life. We make DeSoto County stronger.

For more detailed information about doing business in DeSoto County, please visit our Ecnomic Development Department website at