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The County Landfill is located at 3268 SW Dishong Avenue near the town of Nocatee, in central DeSoto County. Click HERE for map. The total landfill area is approximately twenty acres and consists of four lined cells. On site are a waste tire facility, yard trash area, white goods and scrap metal area, recycling trailers, and the County's household hazardous waste facility.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday:  7:30AM-5:30PM

Closed on Sunday

Landfill staff request that you are unloaded and leaving the facility by 5:30 PM to ensure adequate time for daily close.

Closed all County observed holidays.
When you arrive, please stop at the scale house to be weighed in before unloading!
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Patrons of the landfill are requested to place their solid waste in the proper areas, as follows:



Metal/White Goods:

Metal Pile

White Goods Pile

Scrap Metal pile


Place all scrap metal in this area. All units which contain freon (refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners) should be placed in an upright position in the properly designated area. Lawn mowers should be empty of any fuels, oils or liquids then placed in the properly designated area. There are separate areas for lawn mowers, propane tanks, bicycles, air conditioners and refrigerators as well as a loose metal pile. The Metal/White Goods area is located behind the scale house near the blue semi trailer (see photo above).


Waste Tire Pile:

Tire Pile

The Waste Tire Pile is located behind the scale house near the metal pile, inside of the concrete barricades. You may place all tires in this area, regardless of size.


Yard Trash:


Yard Trash Pile

All tree trimmings, mulch, logs, lawn clippings, and leaves should be placed here. No landscaping timbers, plywood, construction or other like items are allowed in this area. Please do not leave yard waste in plastic bags in this area. You must remove all materials from plastic bags, then proceed to the working face to dispose of empty bags properly. The yard trash area is located past the entrance of the working face near the East end of the Landfill.


Household Hazardous Waste:

Household Hazardous Waste Storage

Waste oil, paint, and batteries should be placed upright, inside of the lean-to (pictured above) next to the metal building behind the scale house. Please limit oil to five gallons per household per visit. All containers should be closed to avoid spillage. This facility is for HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE only and use of this service is no charge to our residents. Commercial hazardous waste generators may contact Christina Williams at the DeSoto County Landfill Office at 863-993-4826 for disposal contact information.



Recycling TrailerRecycling TrailersRecycling Trailer

The Landfill offers separate trailers dedicated to recycling: one for electronics (computer monitors, televisions, radios, etc.), one for newspapers, and one for clean mixed material, i.e. aluminum and glass (trailers pictured above in that order). Customers are required to unload their own recyclables and place them in the appropriate trailers. These trailers are placed separately along the back side of the scale house.

No Plastics

We cannot currently accept PLASTIC. For more recycling information please visit the DeSoto County Recycling Program website.




Solid Waste Disposal (working face):

Solid Waste Disposal

All solid waste (garbage) that does not belong in any of the above listed categories should be placed at this location. The spotter (a County employee) will direct you to the proper location and advise you if your load cannot be dropped in this area. Please remember that all materials are to be placed at the designated areas. Failure to do so will result in your being charged for a "Mixed Load" which will double your cost for that visit. The entrance to the main working face is the paved road to your right, just past the scale house.

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