Planning and Zoning Division

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The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for monitoring compliance with and administering the County's Comprehensive Plan in accordance with Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code. Planning and Zoning ensures that adequate infrastructure and basic services are available to support new development and assists customers in complying with the County's Land Development Regulations, Comprehensive Plan, and related ordinances through a managed review process. Planning and Zoning also provides technical data and recommendations for land development proposals to the Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and the Development Review Committee. Additionally the department processes applications for County’s the local business tax.


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Land Development Regulation and Code Ordinances Link



Land Development Regulation and Code of Ordinances codification




 How To Win Land Development Issues LinkHow To Win Land Development Issues  

  A Citizens Guide to Preserving & Enhancing Quality

  of Life in Developing Areas Through Responsible

  Growth Management



Florida Planning Officials Handbook Link Florida Planning Officials Handbook

Florida Resilient Communities Initiative

University of Florida October 2015




DeSoDeSoto County 2040 Comprehensive Plan Linkto County 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Volume 1: Goals, Objectives & Policies




Comprehensive Plan Link

Comprehensive Plan

Volume 2: Support Documents




Engineering Standards Link

Engineering Standards





Certificate of Use Application Form Part 1 & 2 Link

Certificate of Use Application Form Part 1 and 2





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