Probation Department


The Probation Department supervises over 300 probationers per month and enforces court ordered conditions of probation. The department provides the court with sentencing alternatives to help reduce jail population, i.e.. the Work Program, Pre-Trial Intervention, Community Service and Substance Abuse Counseling. The Probation Department enforces court ordered conditions of Probation and ensures collection of court ordered fines/fees and restitution. In general terms, Probation provides a liaison between the public and the court system and provides a program which supplies beneficial services back to the community.

Responsibilities and Daily Operations:

  • Intake new court ordered probationers from Misdemeanor, Criminal Traffic, Felony (Plea-Downs) & Juvenile (No Valid Drivers Licenses). Supervise and enforce all court ordered sanctions.
  • Check Drivers licenses for all offenders and if possible, inform probationer with information to obtain a valid Drivers License.
  • Check local and state wide for new arrest of people currently on probation through new technology.
  • Supervise Work Program and Community Service workers seven days a week.
  • Communicate with Judge's office, State Attorney's office, Public Defender's office and local law enforcement to streamline and improve court system.
  • To utilize the resources available to serve and protect the community.
  • To continue to streamline operations and improve case management through new technology.
  • Utilize other local agencies to provide services to aid offenders in compliance with court orders, which will reduce recidivism.
  • Maintain the expanded, seven days per week, Work Program and provide countywide services to continue to save taxpayers dollars.

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