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The Road and Bridge Departments hours of operation are 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday thru Thursday.  Closed Fridays and all County observed holidays.  If you are reporting a problem and the problem constitutes an emergency and occurs after hours or on a weekend or holiday, please contact the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office at 863-993-4700.  Examples of an emergency would be traffic signal malfunctions, down or missing stop sign or dangerous obstructions in the roadway.

If the request does not constitute an emergency, please call the Road and Bridge Office at 863-993-4821 during normal operating hours or fill out the service request form below and submit on line.

The Road & Bridge Department ensures that the County road right of ways are safe and maintained as efficiently as possible.  The 420 miles of road way maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of side and cross drain culverts
  • Clean and maintain County roadside and outfall drainage ditches
  • Bridge repair and maintenance
  • Guardrail installation, repair and maintenance
  • Erosion Control, washouts, shoulder erosion along County right of ways
  • Pot hole patching of County maintained paved roads
  • Mow County right of ways and outfall ditches
  • Sidewalk repair and maintenance, weed trimming, edging and mowing
  • Tree trimming along County right of ways
  • Installation, replacement and repair of street signs for County roads
  • Installation, replacement and repair of guide, regulatory, stop and warning signs for County roads
  • Monitoring and maintenance of Traffic Signals and street lighting in the County limits
  • Boat ramp repair and maintenance
  • Litter Control, white goods pick-up
  • Disposal of animal carcass’s from County right of ways
  • Fleet maintenance and repair of County vehicles and equipment
  • Assist other County Departments as required
  • Assist Emergency Management as required
  • Perform weather related maintenance

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